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Bird spikes are a preventative measure that work well on both residential and commercial premises when it comes to keeping bird from landing and roosting on and around rooftops, ledges and gutters. We carry out professional bird spike installation to reduce the issues birds can cause in these areas.

Where will bird spikes installation be most beneficial?

Bird spike installation in Sydney has become a popular way to keep birds from roosting on ledges in homes, offices, warehouses and other buildings. In particular the angled section of downpipes and window sills. As professional bird spike installers, we also offer other bird-proofing solutions like our solar panel bird mesh and repairs to gutter and facia where birds may have gained entry into your roof cavity.

Enjoy pest-free gutters and drainage systems with bird spikes installation in Sydney

Birds are often synonymous with carrying diseases and allergens that can adversely affect households and workplaces. They also build nests that can block gutters and drainage systems while attracting spiders, lice, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies.

We all know how unattractive it is to see bird droppings on the outside of a building, so this is another positive aspect of having bird spikes installed.

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