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It may surprise you as to just how blocked gutters can get without the proper care and attention to keep them functional. When gutters become blocked or heavy with leaves, twigs and other debris, the risk of damage occurring to the house itself increases significantly. Damage to your home caused by blocked gutters may not even be covered by your insurance, and it’s certainly not a small amount of money to have that kind of damage repaired.

Why is regular professional gutter cleaning important for residential and commercial properties?

  • It helps maintain a clean and clear gutter system so that water has an unblocked path from your roof to your down pipes and away from your home.
  • It ensures you’re not caught off guard when rainy season hits and gutters are expected to perform.
  • You lower the chances of insect infestations in your home including creepy crawlies like spiders, cockroaches and worms that thrive in damp places.
  • Mould, mildew and lichen have less chance of growing and causing blockages or affecting the health of inhabitants and visitors to the property who may have respiratory issues or allergies.
  • It reduces the risk of leaking or overflowing gutters causing severe damage to the internal structures and foundations of the building.
  • You reduce the risk of injury to yourself and others by calling in the professionals rather than trying to DIY a gutter clean.
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How does JK Gutter Cleaning excel at cleaning gutters in Sydney and surrounding areas?

At JK Gutter Cleaning, we know our local Sydney areas, so we come prepared to deal with not only the usual gutter cleaning jobs, but anything that we think may be useful for particular regions.

We carry out a thorough and recognisably high-quality gutter clean by using modern and effective equipment, as well as our many years of industry knowledge and just plain old common sense. We also provide service reports, free before and after photographs, drone inspections, complementary clean ups and we’re fully insured.

We don’t just clean your Gutters we always clean the whole roof too. If we notice something that looks unsafe or that may cause damage to your home while we’re cleaning, we will happily let you know about it and offer affordable solutions so you can choose how to best fix the issue.

For best results we recommend being proactive rather than reactive. We provide all our customers with a friendly reminder service tailored to your home’s recommended gutter cleaning schedule.

we clean more than just gutters we clear your Large