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Installing our high-quality aluminium fire rated gutter guards on your property can help reduce the number of gutter cleans needed per year by blocking out nasty debris from gutters while allowing swift and clear flow of water. By blocking leaf litter, twigs, animals, tennis balls, rubbish and other debris with quality gutter guards, you can extend the life of your gutter system and keep your home or commercial building safer by reducing the risk of fire, pests and water damage.

Why should you have gutter guards professionally installed?

  • They help promote clean and clear flow of water from gutters to tanks or other drainage systems.
  • They help to avoid leaf little and other natural foliage collecting, which can help reduce the risk of fire spreading quickly throughout a home.
  • Insects and other pest find it hard to enter the gutter system and won’t be attracted to twig and leaf build up where they make their nests.
  • Gutter guards help reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory issues occurring due to moss, lichen and mould build up in buildings.
  • They can help extend the life of your property by helping preserve the structural integrity and foundations of the building due to less risk of water damage from overflowing gutters.
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Why should you call JK Gutters for your professional Sydney gutter guard installation?

We are more than happy to take a look at your home and assess its viability for gutter guard installation. From there, we will suggest the best gutter guard for your home according to the design of the home, surrounding trees, the shape/style of the gutter and any limitations of your budget. Remember some homes would be better off with out gutter guard.

We will clean the gutters and surrounding areas before installation to ensure a successful gutter guard life cycle right from the very start.

We will check in when your gutter guards are due for maintenance, so you’re always on top of keeping your gutters and home/business safe and clean.

Our gutter guards are of the highest quality and will work tirelessly to help protect your home in more ways than you know. Don’t waist your money on cheap, inferior products. More often than not, they do more damage than good.



Here is an example of an inferior product and poor installation. Drastically making the problem worse. “JK Gutter takes into consideration your roof line, the materials, surrounding trees and colour of your roof. Sometimes gutter guard is not the answer, but we are here to assess YOUR roof and find out what is best for YOU. Remember our quotes are free.’

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