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Ventilation is the key to reducing energy costs. With no power consumption or carbon emissions keeping your home or business cool, fresh and dry is easy. Solarwhiz also offers a variety of accessories: Have more control over your system with a night operations kit, Fixed or adjustable temperature thermostats and humidity targeting Hygrostats.

What is a Whirlybird and how can it benefit my house?

Our roof space here in Sydney can reach up to 70 degrees in summer. If that heat has no way of escaping its only option is to penetrate your home. A whirlybird can help the hot air escape and draw cooler air into your home. In winter the whirly bird can assist with the offset of moisture buildup thus reducing the risk of mould.

Whirlybirds are available in all colour bond colours and are recommended to have a unit per room of the house to maximise the effect.

A standard whirlybird can move approximately 100m3/hour

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What is SolarWhiz and why is it better than a Whirlybird?

Solar whiz can move a whole lot more air in just one unit and because it’s solar-powered it does not rely on the wind to make it work. Think back to a still summer’s day, a whirlybird will struggle and a Solar whiz will soar. This product is powered by the very cause of its existence, the Sun. It also has an addition of a thermostat so you can control it in winter and you can adjust it to run at night. Whisper quiet and designed to run for years.

One solar whiz can move 700-2,100m3/hour making it one of the best products on the market.

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