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Skylights are installed for a purpose; they’re there to brighten up homes, warehouses and other larger-scale commercial buildings, as well as to add a beautiful element of design to the overall aesthetic of the premises. If they get dirty and blocked with grime, then what is the point.

Why professional skylight cleaning is important?

Calling in the pros to clean your skylights is a fantastic opportunity to ensure they are cared for correctly. Proper, regular care leads to…

  • Extended lifetime of skylights as moss, dirt and other grime doesn’t have a chance to build up over time and eat away at the material of the skylight.
  • Superior skylight usage as sunlight will be free to stream in without blockage, providing better value for money.
  • A safer cleaning process because your feet will be firmly on the ground while our technicians safely and carefully carry out the cleaning and with prices starting at $10 per skylight, it’s a win-win.
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Why choose us for professional skylight cleaning service in Sydney?

We have experience cleaning a range of different skylight brands and designs, so we are aware of the little nooks and crannies and crevasses that hide moss, lichen, dirt and other grime.

Our roof and gutter technicians carry out their work in a professional, safe and friendly manner because we genuinely care about the wellbeing of our clients and the safety and cleanliness of their homes.

We promise to let you know if we come across anything you need to know about the condition of your roof and gutters while we’re up there, so you can rest assured you’re well informed of the condition of the upper portion of your property.

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