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Solar panels are not a minor investment, so it definitely pays to keep them clean in order to maximise the value you’re getting from them and keep them in tip-top condition. Regular solar panel cleaning can also extend the lifetime of solar panels, so you can avoid having to replace them sooner than expected.

Why is professional solar panel cleaning so important?

A professional solar panel cleaning provides the following benefits to residential and commercial buildings and their owners…

  • Peace of mind for property owners; they can keep their feet safely on the ground while the pros do what they do best.
  • Extended lifetime for solar panels when kept in prime condition with regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • More value for money with cleaner solar panels providing more access for the sunlight to reach them and power the property.
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Why choose us for your solar panel cleaning & maintenance in Sydney?

Our technicians are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience when it comes to cleaning gutters, skylights, solar panels and other parts of the roofing system.

We know just how valuable your solar panels are, so we take the ultimate care while cleaning to ensure they are left in immaculate condition, the same, if not better than when they were installed.

We also provide installation of Bird Mesh to prevent pigeons roosting and defecating on and under your solar panels.

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