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When it comes to home and gutter cleanliness and safety, many people forget about the need to trim trees and other foliage near/around/along the roof line. It makes sense to not only clear out the gutters, but to also lessen the impact of the environment around them so they can stay clearer for longer.

How to minimise wear on roofing and leaf drop with a simple tree trimming

It doesn’t take much to set your residential or commercial roofing/gutter system up for success with just a minor tree trimming of overhanging branches and shrubbery.

Our JK Gutter Cleaning technicians are also pretty keen gardeners, so they know just how important it is to trim trees while still keeping them looking lush and in sync with the rest of the building’s aesthetic.

It may seem easy enough to get up there and trim the trees surrounding your home, warehouse or other commercial space, but there is always danger involved when using ladders, so calling the pros is never a bad option.

Once the trees and other greenery have been trimmed, we will remove the rubbish so you don’t have to, and your property will enjoy clear gutters and clean roofing for longer.

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