Gutter Cleaning FAQ's

Need to know more? Perhaps someone had the same thought before. Here are some of the most common FAQ’s that we’ve heard before. If yours is not here, please contact us so we can help you directly.

Why should I choose to use JK Gutter Cleaning?

JK Gutter Cleaning is a service dedicated to your home not just your gutters. We always try to inspect your roof as we clear it of debris, and will keep you updated of its condition. We take care to clean your gutters thoroughly and report any areas of wear. We also clean up after ourselves. We remove any fallen debris and hose down any mess we make. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with our service.

How much does it cost?

There are many variables that will alter the price of your gutter clean. A small single story dwelling with a low pitch start at $150. Things that will make that price higher include:
1. Larger area (bigger home)
2. Higher dwelling (more floors)
3. Steeper pitch roof (more dangerous)

There are also things that can make the price more affordable:
1. Regularly scheduled cleans are much more affordable than once off clean outs.
2. You can qualify for a discount if we can put you onto a cleaning route and the visit times are flexible or if you book a clean for the same time as a neighbor you can receive a group discount.

Contact us for a free quote today.

Contact us for a free quote today.

Do I need to clean my gutters even if I have NO trees on my property?

YES. At least, once a year. Often moss and dirt collect and hide under the eaves out of sight. On the surface they appear clean but as we begin cleaning you see how dirty they really are. All that dirt can become heavy and create sag and water pooling which will lead to rust and ineffective gutters. So even if you don’t have any trees near your property, YES, you still need to have them cleaned. If you clean your gutters more than once a year we offer a reduced price.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

We can assess your property and create a personalized cleaning schedule for it’s conditions. If you have trees on your property, here are some frequency suggestions:

  • Maple trees have a soft floating seed that quickly clogs and fill down pipes and gutters in Autumn.
  • Pine trees drop their quills regularly through out the year and may require a 6 month clean.

Will gutter guards reduce the need for gutter cleaning?

It will certainly reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, however it does not remove the need. Please view our gallery for examples of the ingenuity of plants. Leaf litter can sit on top of the Gutter Guard and the break down can leave dirt under there. That can make a nice shady spot for Moss to thrive or for plant seeds to grow.

Our JK Gutter Cleaning technicians are also pretty keen gardeners, so they know just how important it is to trim trees while still keeping them looking lush and in sync with the rest of the building’s aesthetic.

It may seem easy enough to get up there and trim the trees surrounding your home, warehouse or other commercial space, but there is always danger involved when using ladders, so calling the pros is never a bad option.

Once the trees and other greenery have been trimmed, we will remove the rubbish so you don’t have to, and your property will enjoy clear gutters and clean roofing for longer.

We recommend having your Gutters cleaned more frequently or only installing the Guard in problematic areas with openings for cleaning.

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