This collection of algae and fungi can be quite unsightly. It may cause your tiles to become more brittle and breakable over time and it’s best to get rid of it sooner rather than later.

Solar Panel
Bird Proof Mesh

Are pigeons using your solar panels like a hotel? This bird mesh will not void your warranty, but will stop the pigeons and the disease and health problems associated with their waste.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are not a minor investment, so it definitely pays to keep them clean in order to maximise the value you’re getting from them and keep them in tip-top condition. Regular solar panel cleaning can also extend the lifetime of solar panels, so you can avoid having to replace them sooner than expected.

Roof Ventilation

Reduce your power bill and keep your home cool in summer, and reduce moisture buildup and mould growth in winter by installing Solar Whiz or Whirlybird products.


Skylights are installed for a purpose; they’re there to brighten up homes, warehouses, and other large-scale commercial buildings. When they get dirty and blocked with grime, they may as well not exist for all the good they do.

Bird SpikesInstallation

Birds make an unhealthy mess. Installing bird spikes is a gentle way to prevent them from landing in places like window sills, down pipes, and other ledges where droppings are unsightly.

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    Jarrod did a fantastic job cleaning our gutters. Very friendly, honest and fairly priced. We will definitely book him to clean our gutters again next time. His wife Kady was very helpful with rescheduling our booking after all the heavy rainfalls over the last month. A great family run business that we are very happy to support and can highly recommend to others.

    David Chrystal

    I'm glad I contacted this local business. I Phoned to arrange for quote to clean gutters. Jarred came the next day at the time specified, provided the quote with photos. I accepted the quote and work was done straight away. Invoice was provided with before and after photos. Thank you for the prompt and professional service. I will be recommending JK Gutter Cleaning to friends and neighbours.

    Debra McDonald

    After struggling to find someone to help fix and maintain my roof / gutters I found Jarred. He was an absolute 10/10. On time, very well priced and super efficient. I will be using him again and recommending him to my friends and family!

    Adam Halbert

    Jarred did a great job. I noticed a huge difference when we had a heavy shower the next day.

    Ruth Atack

    Great job! Really happy with the result. Jarred was very patient and spent the time to attach the mesh to the contours of our roof. No more leaves in my gutters! Thanks again.

    Anthony Chen

    Jarred is very professional and always does a fantastic job. He is very punctual and takes photos showing the before and after showing what he has done. I would highly recommend JK Gutter Cleaning.

    Katie Stack

    The service was very prompt, neat and thorough. The service provider was friendly and reliable. Thank you.

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    Friendly, honest and great value for money. Will be a returning customer!!!

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    I was really happy with the service provided.. Jared was professional and result was excellent.. I will definitely use their services in the future..

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    Great Service! Jarred is very Professional and Pleasant to deal with.

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    Great, reliable service. Very happy to recommend Jared.

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    Great experience and very good service.

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