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This high-quality, stainless-steel mesh is designed specifically for vermin and bird protection. The welded, PVC coated, stainless steel, wire mesh is commonly used by pest controllers, solar panel installers, solar panel cleaners, gutter guard companies and homeowners across Australia.

Why are there always pigeons on my roof?

Do you have solar panels? It is likely the pigeons have taken up residence underneath. With the boom in solar panel installation in Sydney, pigeons have found them to be an excellent place to roost. Unfortunately, all their droppings roll down the roof and collect in your gutters making it the perfect fertiliser for grass and other seeds in the feaces. Bird droppings are a known carrier of disease and a cause of respiratory disorders in humans so we do not want to encourage their visit.

Professional solar panel bird mesh installation in Sydney

We use Karben Industries wire mesh specially designed for installation to your solar panels that won’t void their warranty. Keep the pigeons out and look after your solar panels by having a JK Gutter Cleaning Technician install your solar panel bird mesh. This prevents the pigeons from entering the space beneath your solar panels.

Bird-Proof Mesh Installation